Monday, June 11, 2018

Akumal Direct Reservations

I spent a couple of months in 2015/16 working on a project that finally can be published at its full version. :)
The rennovation of the identity for a Mexican/American rentals agency from Akumal, Akumal Direct Reservations included: developement of the new logo (with the final three versions), selection of basic colours, design of icons and also some printed material/stationery: business cards, document papers and envelopes.
As Akumal is known for its paradise beaches, white sand and crystal sea the choice of the colour was quite obvious. The clean typeface in two weights is fluidly combined with a slightly moved wave, inspired by the sealife and water activities.

     Idea, colour selection, alternative logo suggestion:

     Logo variations:

     Business cards and stationery:

... and the project presentation for the client. :)

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