Monday, September 30, 2019

Primorske Podjetnice

When embarking on their own journey, a bunch of ladies, freshly-made businesswomen, came across many questions. They decided to join the forces to create a supportive environment for (mainly) female entrepreneurs in our region (Primorska, Slovenia). Association Primorske Podjetnice was born, primarily to locally connect businesswomen, to provide support, to organize events and workshops, and to facilitate potential collaborations and joint projects.
As their motto says "Together we can do more!".

The logo tries to follow the idea behind the association. The four waves represent the (four) founding members - each one of them different, but all of them going in the same direction, towards similar goals. The different waves also represent the landscape diversity of the Slovenian Littoral Region: from the coast and the sea on the south, to the rivers, hills and mountains in the north part. And since the purpose of the Association is primarily creating connections, the logo rounds up all the graphic elements (and ideas) in a circle.

The main turquoise colour represents the Adriatic Sea and of course the beautiful Soča river; the different shades also reflect the palette of different business fields the members of the Association work in. The font should also speak about elegance and serious business, as well as some kind of lightness, combining well with the curves of the logo.


The members of the Association come from three areas of the Slovenian Littoral Region: Coast, Karst and Gorica area. Therefore, there are three variations of the logo: each region gets its own "curve" of the logo and its distinctive colour, typical for the area (Coast - the sea, Karst - dark red wine called teran, and Gorica area - all the greenery and nature). All three areas form the region, as well as all three curves are part of the whole logo. The palette combines well with the basic colours of the brand.

The colour system will be used, for example, for creating specific graphics for (future) events held in one of the areas, and is already in use on the webpage to distinguish between the members of the three areas.

To finish ... a poster with the lovely illustration by Anja Petrarca, inspired by the legendary J. Howard Miller's We can do it! poster.

Of course, you can follow Primorske Podjetnice also on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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