Friday, June 22, 2018

New Zealand Jun & Xun

Jun (or Xun) is a fermented honey and tea drink, perfect for the upcoming (Norhern Hemisphere) summer time. Towards the end of 2017, when the warm months were about to hit the Southern parts of our Globe, I was working on the branding of New Zealand Jun, brewed in the top of NZ South Island.

The logo reflects the simplicity and purity of the ingredients; combining honeycomb and a tea leaf, with a drop of freshness and some sparkling bubbles on top. :) The visual representation follows the two versions of the drink - the low 1,5% alcohol Jun and the full 6,0% alcohol Xun (outlined vs. full logo). Handwritten description of the drink balances out the heavy and firm letters of the name; besides that, it also emphasizes the craft-brewing character of the product.

The drink itself is a bright yellow so it seemed the most logical solution not to add any colour to the bottle labels: they are completely transparent with black print.

Printed material sticks to the colour scheme: black and white with a dash of sunny yellow. The tiny symbols from the logo - hexagon, drop, bubbles - reappear also on the table talkers and business cards.


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